With each Halloween comes the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs of routine, get creative coming up with an amazing costume, and maybe even go wild trick-or-treating or hit a party or two. To start getting into the spirit, I find it’s extremely helpful to view and share past Halloween photos beforehand. 

This October photo tradition not only reminds me to dig out the decorations and puts me in a playful mood, it also offers inspiration for my upcoming costume. (A process that can feel stressful if you wait too long.) And of course, there’s no better time for a throwback social media post to sneak in another opportunity to show off a great costume from an All Hallows Eve gone by.

Mylio team member Polina loves Halloween costumes. Here she is as a Dead Mermaid.

Let Mylio quickly find Halloween photos for you

With Mylio, I can keep track of all my Halloween memories. Mylio is a photo application that syncs your entire photo library across multiple devices — computer, phone, and tablet. All your original photos are always protected on your computer and/or external drive, with optimized versions on your phone to save space. (Cloud backup can be added but is 100% optional.) 

My Mylio photo library is home to 30,000 photos and counting. I’ve imported all my photos and videos from my iPhone, SD cards, GoPro, Facebook albums, and scanned family prints. So all that’s left to do come October is to find those that were taken on or around Halloween. Instead of slogging through old photo albums and various devices one by one (as I used to do), I can now quickly create one organized home for my best October moments.

Step 1. Find your Halloween photos in Mylio

Option 1. Use Mylio’s Calendar view.

You can easily find photos from a certain time period fast in Mylio’s Calendar view, where all your photos are automatically organized by the date taken. Simply scroll to October 31 in each year. Copy the best photos to the Mylio clipboard. When you’ve gathered all your costume photos in the clipboard, copy and paste them all into a new Halloween Album titled as you wish.

In my Mylio Calendar view, I can go back all the way to my first time trick-or-treating in the early 1990s and move forward through Octobers from there. 

Option 2. Use Mylio’s unique Life Calendar™ view.

Finding photos fast becomes even easier when you link an online calendar to your Mylio account. Unique to Mylio, the Life Calendar view is a layer of organization added to the automated Calendar view. Once linked, your scheduled events will be listed on the cover photo of the relevant day, month, or year. 


In your Life Calendar, you can simply navigate to past Octobers, then click on any Halloween events on the October cover photos. Mylio automatically organizes all your spooky photos from each year together. Follow the same steps with the clipboard if you’d like to curate a specific Halloween Album. Learn more about how to use Mylio’s Live Calendar to find photos fast.

Step 2. Tag Halloween photos to make it easier to find them next year.

I like to tag all of my Halloween photos with a yellow color label (for the Halloween category) because it has a hint of festive orange in it. When I’m on my laptop, I select the relevant photos while skipping around each October in the Calendar view. I  tag each photo using the toolbar. Below is a screenshot of sample categories with color labels.


I also like to tag with color labels (categories) on my phone. I can drag with my thumb along the date bar to pinpoint all Halloween photos. And I can even find and tag photos when I’m offline. That’s because Mylio automatically syncs all my photo editing and organization work on all my devices the next time they are online with the Mylio app open.

Step 3. View all your Halloween photos at once.

I can see every Halloween photo in one place by clicking View > Color Label > Yellow, or by creating or adding to a Halloween Album each year.

I can select all tagged photos and drag them to a Halloween Album or a Holidays top-level Folder. (Below, you can see a screenshot of a Halloween Album.) If I decide that’s enough organizing for now, I can just leave the tags or Albums as they are. In Mylio, you always get to choose how deep you want to go with your custom photo organization.


I get a ton of pleasure each fall, having all my past Halloween memories at my fingertips. I feel nostalgic at the 1998 adorable red M&M candy costume and shake my head at my best Billie Jean King impression, from 2019. 

Don’t miss out on letting Mylio help you get your Halloween photos organized in time for the big event. Download Mylio today — with absolutely no risk.  

If the app isn’t a perfect fit, you can always access your original photos since they are stored on your own devices. You’ll also retain any editing or organization work that you do in Mylio. You can always view your photos on your computer or Vault, with no need to go through the app.