Switching phones is now a more frequent task — thanks partly to marketing and loyalty programs that urge us to upgrade phones annually, e.g. Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. Exploring the new features of our new toy and perhaps most constant companion is always fun. But the process to upgrade your phone is not stress free. 

Take me, for example. I recently upgraded my iPhone 11 to an iPhone 12 Pro. There was a lot to do. For starters, switching my service over, re-linking my iCloud account, and making sure my backup downloaded properly with all of my information and apps.

My photos were the one thing I didn’t have to worry about. This despite the fact that I have over 20,000 of them.

Mylio makes upgrading your phone easier

The main reason I didn’t worry is that I use Mylio. Mylio is a photo organizing application that stores and syncs your photos across your own devices, such as your computer, phone, tablet, external hard drives, and sometimes cloud services. 

I’m a Mylio Premium subscriber. That means I can import, edit, and organize unlimited photos, videos, and documents to the app and my own storage devices. I can also run the app on an unlimited number of my devices, and get exclusive access to all new advanced features as they are released.

So here’s what I did: Sign into the Mylio app on my new phone and add it as a new device. I have four synced devices: my phone, my laptop, my desktop, and my external hard drive.

Mylio syncs all your devices seamlessly

When my iPhone 12 Pro was ready to go, Mylio was smart enough to know to ask if my new phone was replacing my old phone. (You can add multiple phones if you want.) After my phone finished automatically syncing with the Mylio app om my laptop, my entire collection was back on my phone — just like that.

I picked up where I left off, scrolling through my Life Calendar™, organizing my folders, and working on a holiday slideshow I had started creating the week before. 

Woman's hands holding a mobile phone that is running the Mylio app

Knowing my photos are safe is priceless

Since I began using Mylio, I have peace of mind because I am confident that, in the unfortunate event that my phone is ever stolen or lost, my photos will be safe and sound within the app and on my other devices. Since Mylio syncs my photos across my devices every time the app is running and they’re connected, my collection stays up to date and nothing can ever get lost. 

The assurance that my treasured photo collection is never tied to one device alone made  it easy to say goodbye to my iPhone 11 — and hello to my Mylio library on my fancy new 12 Pro.

To try Mylio for free, download the app now.