The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s newest handheld hardware, is about to be released. This novel folding device features two 5.6-inch screens bound together on one long edge by twin 360-degree hinges. It runs the popular Android operating system, offering access to the massive library of Android apps available in the Google Play store. This is an exciting innovation in handheld technologies, creating a book-like experience that can feel like a tablet or a phone depending on how the halves are positioned. However, the magic of the Surface Duo is in the unique experience of using a device with two independent screens.

Having two separate screens offers some unique opportunities that apps like Mylio can take advantage of. We are excited to announce that Mylio has been hard at work preparing for the release of the Surface Duo, and as of Mylio version 3.8, our app is now on the shortlist of apps optimized to run on the Surface Duo.

How does Mylio on Surface Duo work?

On the Surface Duo, Mylio takes advantage of the two screens by allowing users to view their library’s organization on one screen and their images on another, which simplifies keeping your images organized.

Source: Microsoft

When editing, one screen shows the image you are working on, and the other offers a larger display of editing tools, expanding the area for the Details panel tools for working with your images without compromising the experience of viewing the image. 

In addition to using Mylio on both screens, Surface Duo also lets you run two apps at the same time – one on each screen. The opportunities are endless – like our growing photo libraries, and we are just scratching the surface… pun intended.

And with the Surface Duo’s built-in front and rear-facing cameras, Mylio will automatically organize photos and videos taken on this device along with photos and videos from other sources, creating one consolidated library you can conveniently browse and manage wherever you are.

Spec Highlights

  • Storage: 128GB or 256GB UFS 3.0 of internal storage
  • Memory: 6GB DRAM
  • Dimensions
    • Open: 145.2 mm (H) x 186.9 mm (W) x 4.8 mm (T)
    • Closed: 145.2 mm (H) x 93.3 mm (W) x 9.9 mm (T at hinge)
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Display
    • Dual PixelSense™ Fusion Displays open: 8.1” AMOLED, 2700×1800 (3:2), 401 PPI
    • Single PixelSense™ Display: 5.6” AMOLED, 1800×1350 (4:3), 401 PPI
  • Cameras (front and rear): 11MP, f/2.0, 1.0 µm, PDAF and 84.0° diagonal FOV optimized with AI
  • Battery Life: Up to 15.5 hours of Local Video Playback, 10 days of Standby Time, 27 hours of Talk Time
  • Availability:
    • Countries: U.S.
    • Carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks at launch

Get the complete specs on the Microsoft Surface Duo website.

When will Surface Duo be available?

According to the Microsoft website, you can pre-order now starting at $1,399.99, with the first Surface Duos shipping out on September 10, 2020.

Mylio and Surface Duo
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