Fall is the perfect time to tuck into a photo project. The annual shift from action-packed summer to more inside time always kindles my urge to get things in order. Photos are fun to organize — and you just might get a jump on holiday gifts. (A custom-made photo album or photo art is guaranteed to be a bigger hit than new slippers.) And since September is Save Your Photos Month, you can brush up your skills for free with 40+ free mini-workshops.


Our friends at The Photo Managers, who love to help people organize and protect memories almost as much as Mylio does, host this annual online event. You can access the free education through October 31, 2021. 

Why organize and save your photos and family media?

You may hesitate to scan old or fragile family media items such as vintage photos of ancestors, or to send them to a professional service to do it. But it’s the right thing to do. Here’s why.

  • Access. You (and your relatives and friends) will be able to view these memories, even if they live far across the country or around the world.
  • Sharing. Digitized family photos and videos are a powerful emotional bridge for spouses or children who may never have had a chance to meet certain family members.
  • Everything organized in one secure place. Watching old family films, classic prints and slides, and childhood videos together with your family (even if by Zoom) is WAY more joyful than you might imagine. When your family history and memories are imported to your comprehensive photo library in Mylio, every item is securely synced across all your linked devices. Now, all your photos and videos are viewable anywhere, anytime.
Photo credit: Nathan Dumlao

If you don’t have a high-quality or fast scanner, there are lots of trusted services that specialize in hand-digitizing family media. We like LegacyBox.

And if the first project you want to tackle is to consolidate your scattered family photos, videos, and older media in one secure photo library, Mylio is the best one-stop solution. We invite you to download the free app and try it. Our live webinars and recordings will have you organizing like a pro in no time.

Turn your photo workflow into a fun flow with Mylio

After a photo shoot, professional and dedicated amateur photographers have what’s known as a workflow. It’s the technical work — editing, culling, rating, organizing — that makes it possible to bring the best of your creative output to clients and the world. 

Mylio is designed to turn photo workflows into fun flows. For instance, our unique Calendar view showcases your most meaningful photos by decade, year, month, and day. You can also customize the automatic Calendar to create a Life Calendar™, another Mylio-only feature. Learn more about Life Calendar.


Life Calendar not only makes it faster to find photos from important life events, it also makes it more joyful. That’s because while you’re browsing for specific photos, you also get to view favorite photos of loved ones and feel the nostalgic “warm fuzzies.”

Another Mylio fun flow is face tagging. Our application auto-assists to speed up the process while keeping the tagged names and organizational data private. That’s because with Mylio, your photos are stored privately on your own devices, like your computer or external hard drive. If you decide to add a cloud storage service, we protect your data with encryption by default.

Ready to to dive into a fall photo project? Download Mylio now to see for yourself how it simplifies common photo management challenges.