Tis the season for turkey, stuffing, and home cooking. As the weather turns cooler and all thoughts turn to the fast-approaching holiday season, the kitchen is the warmest place to be. 

Everyone has an amateur chef in their lives — someone deeply passionate about making, eating, sharing, and taking beauty shots of their most impressive and tasty creations. Maybe it’s you. 

It’s human nature to want to immortalize a moment by taking photos, even of everyday achievements like a beautiful home-baked sourdough loaf or perfectly grilled pork chops.


Home cooking becomes the norm

During the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders, many people found themselves cooking up to three meals a day for family members who were suddenly studying or working from home. The 2020 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends Report showed a 25% jump in grocery shopping in March 2020 compared to February. That’s the eight years of normal growth in spending that occurred in just one month

Although the pandemic has eased, “a new set of kitchen habits have been set,” according to The New York Times. We’ve adapted to shopping smarter (often online, in bulk, or in advance) and a routine of cooking regularly at home.  

People like young American tennis pro CiCi Bellis used the additional free time to take her cooking pursuits a step further. In late March 2020, the 22-year-old launched CiCi Cooks on Instagram to showcase her culinary projects and recipes—mostly yummy baked goods. With a website and TikTok presence now, she may have come up with a side hustle to her pro career. 

How to document recipes — and the tasty results — with photos

Perhaps you’d like to organize all the recipes your family loves best, so you can consult your collection when you’re stuck in a rut. Or, you may want to create a short, printable cookbook PDF to share as a meaningful small gift with family or friends. Who doesn’t appreciate getting new, home-run recipe ideas? Some themes to consider: Our Family Holiday Traditions, Dessertapalooza, Vegetarian/Vegan,  etc. 


Ideally, your photo app allows you to save and organize both recipe photos and documents (PDFs or Word) together, so everything is in one place. Mylio does that, and allows you to access your entire library of images on any device, anywhere, anytime. (More about Mylio later.)

Tips for organizing your recipes and photos

Keep track of your favorite recipes.

Do you find culinary inspiration in cookbooks or follow online foodie hubs like Bon Appetit and recipe bloggers? Then you’ll want to start gathering photos of recipe pages along with PDFs or links for favorite online recipes. Invent your own recipes or recipe variations? Be sure to take notes and photos so you can replicate and share your most successful creations.

Recipe-organizing tips: If you convert recipes to photos or PDFs, you can save them to an album (or folder and subfolders) in any high-quality photo organization application.

Take some foodie photos … before you eat!

It’s best to get into an Instagram frame of mind if your goal is to share your at-home cuisine highlights. If you’re ambitious, you can document stages of the cooking process. At the very least, plate your finished creation nicely. Then snap a couple of photos before all your efforts are quickly devoured. 


Photo-organizing tips: Creating albums or folders in your photo app is again the way to go. You can organize by recipe type and ideally, pair each recipe document or link with photos of that recipe.

If you use a powerful, customizable photo organization application like Mylio, the organization options are near endless.

Organizing your food photos and recipes in Mylio

When you use Mylio, you can easily organize your photos and documents with ratings such as flags, stars (one to five), color-coded labels, categories, keywords, and even adding your notes to image files. You can also add recipe links to the notes section of your photo files — along with any personalized comments or modifications you made to the recipe.

Here’s how it works:

With the Mylio application open on your computer, click the double arrows in the top right corner of any photo or document to open up the side toolbar. If you’re using the app on your phone, you just click the three dots in the top right and tap “info” to pull up the same toolbar. 

Our delicious example is a homemade vanilla birthday cake (recipe from RecipeTin Eats) with my notes added. In the screenshot above, you can see the open fields for adding keywords, a title, and a photo caption. This is also an ideal place for notes — in this case, recipe notes. 

In order to have all your recipes and food photos organized in one place, you can save recipes as PDFs or Word documents and import them into Mylio. Add keywords like “dessert” or “cake” to your photos and documents to find specific recipes and photos faster. You can also tag image files with categories for even faster sorting.

It’s a convenient time-saver to have your best recipes and photos organized and easy to pull up on your tablet or phone when you’re in the kitchen. It’s also really rewarding to be able to view all your most delicious creations in one place. And if you do decide to compile your kitchen wins into a cookbook, you’ll have all the right photos and recipes ready to go. 

As the holiday and winter cooking season picks up speed, try Mylio for free today to see for yourself.