Do you remember the emotions you felt when you found a photo you’d forgotten existed, whether it was in an envelope of old prints or buried in your phone’s photo feed? Maybe it was joy and nostalgia (a classic college-era party pic) or re-touching grief (a loved one you’ve lost) or even embarrassment (you with that cringeworthy hairstyle).

One of the early `aha’ moments with using Mylio is seeing, often for the first time, all your photos and videos from all sources in one place. As you consolidate and organize all your image files, you’re likely to discover some surprises, as was the case with David K. 

A new Mylio user, David was reviewing the files he’d imported when he found a precious forgotten family photo. Or rather, one he never knew he had.

The joy of finding forgotten photos

David had recently downloaded Mylio and imported thousands of photos from multiple devices. Wanting to include his childhood photos, he added a large batch of family photos that had been scanned earlier from family photo albums. 

With all of his photos safely and quickly uploaded, he began organizing his collection. As he reviewed the scanned family photos, Mylio’s Face Recognition tool surfaced a lovely candid portrait of his grandmother that he had missed when reviewing these scans in the file explorer.

Mylio’s unique face recognition system learns as you tag friends and family, surfacing new pictures of the people you care about at any age. Mylio accomplishes all of this privately, on your own devices.

In the photo, she stands on a beach, holding her sunglasses. The summer breeze lifts her short grey hair and her eyes squint slightly at the sun, a relaxed half-smile on her face. 

While he couldn’t remember who had taken the photo, David remembered the beachside hotel behind her with fond nostalgia. It was in a small town on the Washington coast where his family would vacation each summer when he was young. 

The photo felt like a precious treasure unearthed unexpectedly. It was particularly emotional since his grandmother had passed away years before, and her face and presence had already started to fade from memory. Here she was, brought to life again in one of the happiest moments David could remember with her.

Sharing family photos creates connections

Wanting to share the discovery with his family, he texted it to his parents and sisters. Then he shared it more widely on social media. His relatives were just as moved and excited as David was. It was a simple but magical way to remember and celebrate her life. 

David had the photo printed and framed, and he hung it in his own home in the Seattle area. Now it serves as a tender touchpoint and reminder for him, his wife, and their young son, who had only a brief opportunity to get to know his great-grandmother. 

Download Mylio today to see what unexpected photo memories you might find.