When we asked leading internet tech creator Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine, to try organizing her photos with Mylio’s photo management application, she was skeptical at first. “I thought, okay, it’s just another photo sharing app,” she told Matt Vollet, Mylio’s product designer, during a recent Instagram Live video chat.

But when Justine downloaded the Mylio app and began importing photos from her desktop … then laptop … then both Apple and Android phones, she immediately realized Mylio is completely different.

“I was just blown away by just the ease of use,” she said, describing how quickly her photos showed up and were automatically organized in Mylio.

Justine organizes work-related photos and documents with Mylio

Justine has discovered that Mylio is an ideal solution for organizing not only her large library of personal photos, but also the constant influx of important documents and digital assets associated with her work projects. “Mylio has basically changed my workflow,” she said. “It’s actually made my life, especially as someone who uses multiple phones and multiple devices, so much easier.”

iJustine looks at the Mylio photo app on her phone and laptop computers.

Justine’s favorite Mylio features

Justine really loves using Mylio’s facial recognition tool (which keeps loved one’s names private on your devices), the Life Calendar and Map Views, and the sophisticated organization toolkit including Folders, Albums, Events, and tagging options that she can use to find whatever she’s looking for fast.

Speaking of speedy: Watch Justine’s (unrehearsed) gasp at how Mylio synchs photo edits across devices nearly instantly in this video. Read more about how iJustine fell in love with Mylio and has adopted for its ability to make her complex photo workflow easier and more efficient.