As busy as it is, December is also a time for reflection as this 365-day measurement of our lives winds to an end. Like clockwork, “Year in Review” and “Best of” lists, roundups, and countdowns fill our social media and news feeds, listing top picks for music, books, movies, news events, and even viral moments. 

This year, why not create your own 2021 retrospective using your most memorable photos and videos? It’ll be much more meaningful than the roundups automatically generated by your personal data on apps like Instagram’s Top Nine or Spotify’s Wrapped.

It’s a fun nostalgia hit to gather your favorite photo memories from the year into an album. You can share it on social media or use it to make a holiday photo letter. Mylio‘s photo-organizing tools make putting together a “Best of 2021” album easy.

Use ratings to quickly find your five-star 2021 photos


Do you go through your photos periodically to delete duplicates and not-great shots, and to edit and organize the winners? If you do, curating your best pictures and videos of 2022 will be much simpler.

If you use your phone’s default photo app (Apple Photos or Google Photos) and you have favorited photos or created albums, that’s a reasonable place to start.

Mylio provides a wide range of organizing tools such as folders, star ratings, categories, keywords that make zeroing in on a specific group of photos a snap. Case in point: You can use the search filter to show only your five-star-rated photos taken in 2021. Now you’ve got all your best photos of the year at your fingertips.

Quickly find memorable photos with Life Calendar

Here’s another way you can quickly gather your most memorable photos of the year in Mylio. The app’s unique Calendar view allows you to see your photos by decades, years, months, and days. When you link your online calendar to the app — what we call Life Calendar — Mylio automatically organizes photos by your events, e.g. Summer vacation, graduation, or family reunion. 


You can tag your favorite “event” photos with a colored label or star rating, then move your selections to a Best of 2021 Album to share. (These curated photos can do double duty if you want to create a holiday photo card or photo-collage letter to send to family and friends.)

How to share your “Best of 2021” photo retrospective

The options are endless. Here are just a few ideas.

The Mylio team wishes you a memorable holiday season (don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos!) and a bright new year ahead. You are warmly invited to try Mylio for free today and see how it changes your relationship with your photos. 

Feature photo credit: Ashwin Rao